I Need Info, Where Has TheMakeMoneyOnline.net Gone?

All of the content originally held on www.themakemoneyonline.net can now be found on my blog blog.search-visible.com.

For Lazy People

Just as a courtesy here is some of the information that you can find on the other website, for those that can't be bothered to follow the link!

CPA Networks Worth Using

Market Leverage

Lots of offers, regular payouts, still around post the CPA network cull of the last few years! They are nothing like as active now in marketing their services as they once were but then again that could be said about the whole affiliate network market. Rest assured there are still people making huge amounts of money promoting the sorts of offers Market Leverage and other networks carry.


My favourite network in terms of customer support. They use their own tracking solution to aren't affected by the numerous downtimes that that other well known beast encounters. If you are completely new to affiliate marketing through a network I'd suggest you start with Peerfly, everything about their website is straight forward, simle, yet functional.

A Couple Of SEO Tools Worth Looking At

Magic Submitter

Google's Penguin and Panda updates have shaken the world wide web to its core, what was up is now down and what was down is now up. This makes finding a reliable tool to help with things like link building and content syndication a nightmare. Magic Submitter isn't a network, isn't a "method", it's just a piece of software that makes all the things you should be doing anyway much easier. It will save you an absolute age.

Market Samurai

Used it for years and still rely on it for every bit of market research I do. It's the only piece of software you'll need to dig up productive niche markets and once you've found them it'll also show you exactly what type of link profiles are working best in that market. If you are serious about optimising websites for organic traffic then as far as I'm concerned you need Market Samurai.

Obviously there's way more content on the proper website, this is just a small snippet of the sort of things being talked about on themakemoneyonline.net